Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard to Explain

"...our souls are left in the city of our departure."

That was part of the first sentence I read in an article on Lykke Li in the latest issue of FILTER on the Sunday we left New York City. The moment I saw those words, I looked out the window and I knew, somewhere in that city, was a part of my soul.

My fantasy of moving to NYC didn't come to fruition till recently, as I began to wonder where I would go after I graduate university, but as soon as New York entered my mind I knew I had to move there. I became obsessed. A lot of people thought/still think that I'm crazy for choosing such a massive city and that it would eat me alive the moment I stepped foot in it but who am I kidding, I thrive on craziness.
Soaking in the crazy.
Since I probably won't be making the big move for another year or so I thought I had to at least get acquainted with my future home and decided to take a little trip with Carmel last month. Oh, and we also went to see the Strokes. Yeah, that. (cue 15-year-old Melody fangirling)

Having lived in Toronto my whole life, I tend to always compare cities I visit to my hometown, as I'm sure everyone does. But New York and Toronto definitely related, like step-brothers. There was a weird sense of deja-vu everywhere - from Grand Central to Central Park, every corner reminded me of a similar spot in Toronto. And maybe it was because of that that made me feel so at home.

I had anticipated to be shaking in my boots (or in this case, my glitter oxfords) just a little but nothing. Carmel and I even mastered the subway system! That must mean something (other than the fact that we know how to navigate around really well)!
Needless to say, we explored, we walked and yes, we shopped. New York had me at hello and one day, we will become the best of friends. Till then, we'll just have to settle for a long distance relationship.
Photographer in action (I'm not a photographer)

the result

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