Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mama, I love you

I always grew up thinking that I'd become a fashion designer. Both my mom and my sister went to school for fashion so I didn't know any better, really. I would always run downstairs to the sewing room and pick out my favourite fabrics (i.e. I'd make a mess) and match it with lace trims and shiny buttons. I eventually grew out of my fashion designer dream though. Evidently, drawing and commitment to sewing were two things I didn't inherit from my mom. My mom still sews and knits like no other, often taking clothes I buy, studying them and then creating replicas within weeks. I, on the other hand, still can't muster up the time to finish a scarf I started when I was seven or that pencil skirt I started when I was fourteen. Friends are probably used to me starting things and never finishing them - just ask how many 'projects' I've come up with in the past month! But alas, I digress...

This post is about my mom and Mother's Day! Although I'm sure this is another Hallmark-related scam of a holiday (cue Ron Swanson: "Birthdays were invented by Hallmark to sell cards."), it doesn't hurt to treat your mom to a day of her favourite things. My sister and I often split duties on Mother's Day, taking her out for lunch to the restaurant of her choice, then shopping wherever she wants. And yes, that included a fabric store one year. With each year, I feel more and more guilty about the lack of time I spend with my mom so Mother's Day is something I make sure to mark off.

Here's what NOT to do for Mother's Day:

Also, if I ever get any of my bands up and running (Sluts and Pigeons, El Tiger, Better Than Best Coast, Ping Pong...) I'll make sure to cover this:

Happy Mother's Day, mom! And yes, I will clean up that mess in the sewing room tonight. I swear. xo 

(Photos of my mom, circa I'm-not-too-sure...but look at her! Beauty.)

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